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Preparing students for prospective careers in international marketing and communication, in a meaningful and challenging way, is a mission we take on with great conviction at ISEG MCS’s International Program. Our courses are taught by faculty committed to excellence, who are experienced in instructing vital global issues, as well as by accomplished professionals with highly-significant international expertise, who have held important positions in leading French or international firms. This all makes for a specialized program with a clear objective: help students acquire specific, essential knowledge and skills to equip them to work in the fields of marketing, communication and advertising in an international context.

Completed over a 5-year period, the program includes internships and university study sessions abroad, offering students a full array of professional learning and development opportunities in marketing and communication. Bachelor’s level studies consist of core courses that are offered totally in English, in addition to workshops and specially designed projects that are offered in English and/or in French. Master’s level studies are taught exclusively in English, whether the student opts for the International Marketing & Communication MBA program at the Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux campuses, or the Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing program at the Dublin Business School in Ireland.

We encourage students to learn to develop a global perspective and assume international responsibilities, as they prepare to work abroad (depending on opportunities and their personal interest in a specific world region) or at world-class companies based in France (Marketing Director-Europe, International Communications Manager, International E-Commerce Project Manager, Luxury Brand Manager, International Digital Marketing Manager, EMEA Marketing Coordinator, International Media Planning Manager, International Web Communication Manager, Regional Export Manager, and International Communication and PR Manager, etc.).

How? Through a lively and open teaching approach that gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of international cultures while gaining an in-depth understanding of, and practical experience in, marketing and communication topics. By taking part in on-going project modules throughout their 5-year program of studies, students are also encouraged to hone their interpersonal and organizational skills and expand their entrepreneurial and innovation horizons.

A complete and constant openness to international cultures is deeply ingrained in our program’s teaching philosophy. That mindset, we feel, is essential to giving you the keys you need to navigate your international professional life successfully. To help set you on that path, we let you tailor your geographical focus to the world regions that interest you the most.


Throughout one year, students can choose a course from among 4 artistic disciplines that strongly affect how brand image is conveyed today: Photography & Visual Images, Fashion & Luxury, Illustrations & Graphic Novels, Film and Media/Broadcasting, Copywriting and Ad Copy, Music & Sound Design, and Painting & Art.


Twice a year, 2nd-year students participate in a full immersion project, dealing with two major subject areas: Design (the brand’s primary mode of expression, as conveyed through the name, logo, colors, packaging, etc.) and Media (emerging media forms and practices, social media, using creativity in new media, integrated marketing communications, etc.).


A one-month-long advertising competition held among 3rd-year students on our 7 campuses, in response to a brief submitted by an advertiser or an advertising agency. Short-listed proposals and the winning entry are showcased at a finale presentation held at the Paris campus. With more than 400 students participating each year, this competition transpires in the middle of the program and is a fundamental part of ISEG’s educational approach.


In order to build professional skills through practical training related to their field of study, 4th-year students work in teams to resolve problem-based learning projects provided by local or national firms.


During the 2 years of master’s degree studies, students prepare an original written research project report, supported by individual investigations and interviews carried out with industry professionals, which they are required to defend at the end of the academic year. Intended to be a challenging and intellectually rewarding experience, it can often prove also to be an asset in the eyes of future recruiters.


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5 ans pour devenir un expert du marketing & de la communication
5 ans pour devenir un expert du marketing & de la communication

Parce que le marketing et la communication se transforment rapidement, nos enseignements sont plus que jamais en phrase avec les nouveaux métiers, les nouvelles pratiques et les nouvelles technologies.

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Carrières & débouchés

La formation de l'école débouche sur une grande diversité de métiers du marketing, de la communication et de la publicité. La force des réseaux de l'école permet une intégration professionnelle en entreprises exceptionnelle.

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  • Vincent Thiault
  • Promo 2013
  • Campus de Toulouse
Vincent Thiault
« Les projets et les séminaires nous apportent une vision concrète de nos futurs métiers. »

« Ma 1re année était super, j’ai acquis une vision plus précise du monde du marketing et de la communication. En effet à la sortie du lycée on ne connaît pas forcément très bien ces univers et « marketing et communication » restent des mots un peu abstraits.

Les projets concrets que l’on nous demande de réaliser, les séminaires proposés avec des intervenants issus d’entreprises, nous apportent une vision concrète de nos futurs métiers. De plus, le fait que les 1res années soient « généralistes » ne nous enferme pas vers telle ou telle voie. Nous avons le temps de découvrir les fonctions en entreprise mais aussi de connaître nos affinités et aptitudes pour tel ou tel métier !

Cette première année à l’ISEG m’a permis de conforter mes choix d’orientation et me donne envie de continuer dans cette voie ! »


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